Top 7 reasons why you should epoxy your floor!

Extreme Durability • Abrasion Resistance • Totally Seamless • Easy to Clean • Slip Resistance • Great for Allergies • Look Freaking Amazing

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Beautiful Residential Floors


Metallic Epoxy

Marbled Look For Half The Price!

Garage Coatings

Easy to clean and slip resistant!

Outdoor Coatings

Chemically resistant and cool to touch.

Kentucky Epoxy Residential Floors

One of the first floors we ever installed was a Georgetown Kentucky garage floor. Many years later this Flake Epoxy Garage Floor still looks new. Our second install was in Lexington Kentucky, for an Epoxy Garage Flooring System. This floor really made the garage
another room in the house. The third floor we installed was in Versailles, KY with Our Pool Deck and Patio Resinous Concrete Coatings.  Not only did this look amazing, it will also protect your Concrete. You will be amazed at the transformation.

we remove the headache from moving

Schedule With Ease

With our simple schedule platform you can schedule today for a free estimate. That way we can take a look at your concrete floor and view what needs to be done. Nobody like’s surprises, that’s why we offer free quotes for decorative concrete floors in Kentucky!