Polished Concrete in Kentucky

Our polished concrete services are paired perfectly for both residential and commercial spaces, contact us today so we can discuss your project!

polished concrete lexington ky

Polished Concrete Floors


Industrial Polished Concrete

Durable and easy to clean flooring solutions. 

Commercial Polished Concrete

Keep up production with a nice floor!

Residential Concrete Polishing

Enhance your home with a concrete floor!

Award Winning
Concrete Floors

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You would be amazed how many Concrete polishing contractors there are who don’t know what polished concrete actually is. WALMART ASKED US IF WE COULD DO THIS MAILROOM FLOOR IN 3 DAYS. TO GET THEIR PROJECT BACK ON SCHEDULE. OUR GUYS WORKED 42 HRS STRAIGHT AND FINISHED A DAY EARLY

Regardless of the size of your floor, we can help conquer it! We have all the equipment needed to polish 20,000 or more! So call us today!

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With our simple schedule platform you can schedule today for a free estimate. That way we can take a look at your concrete floor and view what needs to be done. Nobody like’s surprises, that’s why we offer free quotes for decorative concrete floors in Kentucky!