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EVERYONE knows that almost all structures built today are built with concrete floors in at least some areas, if not all areas. But did you know that a properly installed Epoxy Flooring Systems add value to that that structure. We can install for you a system that will give your floor strength and protection from damage, oil and chemicals as well as bacteria and mold. Do you live in or have a business that is in an area that is prone to flooding? We’ve got you covered. We have systems that offer flood protection. And the fact is, they just flat out look amazing! So, what are you waiting for? Unique Concrete Epoxy, specializes in taking those ordinary concrete floors and turning them into extraordinary, high functioning, fully protected concrete floors!

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Residential Epoxy

Residential projects usually consist of epoxy garage floors, basement floors for waterproofing or even interior custom polished concrete designs. Either way you go, we’re the best choice for your project.


Commercial Epoxy

Commercial Epoxy floors can be installed practically anywhere, for example; Kitchens, service bays, dealerships, even in schools. The durability of epoxy is second to none when installed correctly by a professional.


Concrete Polishing

Polished Concrete in Kentucky, is one of the most durable flooring options in the world today, here at Unique we have the equipment, experience and trained crew to tackle any project!

Completed Projects
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Garrett Patterson

“Amazing work guys. My floor is beautiful! Such good quality, and attention to detail. I will recommend your company every chance i get, and look forward to the opportunity to give you guys a call back. Keep up the great work, and thanks so much!”

Carrie Pultzer

“It was obvious from the very beginning Unique was going tp be our choice. We had gotten 3 estimates prior to contacting them. The professionalism really set them apart. Once our contract was signed They then exceeded our expectations through the projects completion.”

Brad Horn

“I could not be happier with my basement. Unique Concrete & Epoxy knocked it out of the park. My sister took one look at our floor and the very next day, she called Rhonda at Unique and began making arrangements for her and my brother-in-laws basement. The crew Rhonda sent over were friendly and professional. A+”

Epoxy Is More Durable Than You Think

Epoxy Floor Over Wood

Step #1. Fiberglass seal all joints

Epoxy Flooring Systems installed over wood are just as durable as systems installed on concrete. There are a few extra steps and many contractors are afraid to attempt something new. We first fiberglass every joint then coat the complete surface with a waterproofing membrane.  The water barrier coating bonds very nicely to wood then the epoxy will bond to this perfectly.

Step #2 Epoxy Flooring System installed

Once you have the wooden substrate prepared the process becomes straight forward. After the vapor/ base layer membrane is installed you can install second layer of epoxy directly over the primer. This builds system thickness and creates a durable body coat for the rest of the floor. This step is crucial to the success of any epoxy floor in Kentucky.

Step #3 Topcoat and Enjoy

We installed this floor for Miguel’s Pizza @ the Gorge several years ago. This Restaurant Epoxy Flooring System has served them without issue ever since. Some major benefits of epoxy floors for food and beverage facilities is the antimicrobial aspect of epoxy, it is very easy to clean. Long term these floors save you money instead of costing you money, and they look great too!

Epoxy Makes A Beautiful Table / Top Finish

Epoxy Countertops

Step #1 Bonding

ROUGH CUT STONE BAR-TOP This Project Is At The Livery In Paris, KY. We formed the countertops then a bonding agent was applied as a primer. This created a surface that epoxy could stick to very well.

custom epoxy table kentucky

Step #2 Created a frame

Using 2×4’s, wax paper and clamps we created a sealed temporary frame to pour into. This gave us the solid structure needed to handle all the weight from the epoxy we poured.

Step #3 Poured the epoxy

We poured our Epoxy in several layers until a smooth surface was achieved. We poured just as much Epoxy on this bartop as we do in a 2 car garage. Make sure to fill out our free quote form below!

Epoxy Can Cover Your Existing Floor

Epoxy Floor Over Tile

epoxy over tile floor

Step #1 Prepare existing surface

Epoxy is Chemically engineered to bond to fresh clean aggregate. This is why me mechanically diamond grind the concrete exposing a suitable surface that epoxies will properly bond to.

Step #2 Begin to pour and install the floor

Once the tile has been prepared properly a material is used to coat the tile. The material used creates a proper surface for epoxy to bond to. Then all of the grout lines are filled making way for the Metallic Epoxy Flooring.

Step # 3 Topcoat and enjoy your floor for many years

After the flooring system is complete you will never notice there are tile underneath. Your new Epoxy Floor will have all of the benefits you would expect.

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